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IMAPlate™ 5RC96  -   are  covered under granted patents  ZL 2007 8 0015956.7, and US Patent No. 10,105,705 .  

IMAPlate™ 5RC96 - world's first miniaturized analytical platform capable of MANUALLY  performing up to 96 liquid transfer, analysis, in-well reaction and assay in parallel.

The unique features make the IMAPlate™ 5RC96 a very user friendly versatile labware for lab bench work in medical and life sciences. It can simply be used as a 96-channel fixed volume pipette to SIMUTANEOUSLY transfer samples from one 96-well plate to another plate or membrane for addition of sample, preparation of sample replicates, inoculation, or spotting. It can also be used as an absorbance and fluorescence micro-cuvette for FULL SPECTRUM analysis and measurement of samples. It can replace the 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate for many applications such as add-and-mix homogeneous assay and solid phase heterogeneous assay like ELISA with a working volume similar to a 1536-well plate.

In addition, the IMAPlate™ 5RC96 should also be an ideal "hanging drop" 3D cell culture device in which culture medium can easily be changed without disturbing and sucking up the cells. It can be used to prepare tissue-like spheroid and stem cell embryoid body,  to screen compound on these 3D micro-tissue, to clone cell, and to perform cell aggregation assay. If needed, the spheroids or cells alone can very gently be transferred into any 96-well plate just by placing the IMAPlate™ 5RC96 on the 96-well plate containing desired solution in the wells or the spheroids can be spotted on microscope slide directly from the IMAPlate™ 5RC96 .

Clike here to download an application note for the preparation of spheroids for U87, LN319 and HEK cells.

IMAPlate™ 5RC96 is also compatible with automated liquid handling workstation.

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