About Company

NCL New Concept Lab GmbH is a privately-owned company located at Moehlin, Switzerland – the region of BioValley Basel. Founded at the end of year 2006, the company has developed several proprietary and patented technologies, which have broad applications in pharmaceutical and biotech industries, healthcare facilities, universities and academic institutes. 

As holding unique technologies,  the company develops and provides affordable and easy-to-use miniaturized lab devices that enable you to finish your daily lab work timely and pleasantly, as well as to obtain more and better results.

The company has close relationship with scientists in academics and industry, such as Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Institute for Chemistry and Bioanalysis, University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland, CTC analytics AG. The product, IMAPlateTM 5RC96, have  successfully  brought  into the market worldwide.  Therefore,  we  are  always  looking  for partners,  who  have  a common goal, aligned incentives and compatible expertise. If you have any partnership idea, please don't hesitate to contact directly to  info@nclnewconceptlab.com.  We  are  more  than  happy  to discuss  any  kind  of  business  opportunities,  such  as  collaboration,  licensing,  investment  and distribution.