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IMAPlateTM 5RC96 is developed based on an Intelligent Multifunctional Analytic technology from a granted patent. It comprises 96 identical, funnel-like reaction units  to use capillary force to hold solution in its reaction units for reaction and / or for analysis in common 96-well plate readers. The standard 96-well plate format designing makes the IMAPlateTM 5RC96 suitable for both automated liquid handling systems and manual liquid handling.

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The unique concept of the technology makes liquid handling extremely simple and overcomes the obstacles arisen from handling tiny amount of solution in small sized well due to the miniaturization. Loading solution from the bottom opening by capillary action is self-dosed and in parallel, and emptying the loaded solution is just as simple as laying the IMAPlate on a filter paper. Up to 96 individual samples can simultaneously be loaded or emptied in seconds and it permits to manually perform efficient high-throughput application in every general laboratory. In addition, all options for pipette-based liquid handling, including automated liquid handling systems, are still retained when desired.

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The special characteristics of the IMAPlateTM 5RC96 bring many advantages over conventional multi-well plate. The longer light-path length and bottomless of the capillarity reaction chambers can efficiently increase the detection sensitivity for absorbance readout in UV-Vis-IR full spectrum range. The larger surface area to volume ratio and the shorter diffusion distance can markedly speed up analyte binding to the surface in solid-phase reactions. The innovative “go-through” washing procedure simplifies the washing step and increases the efficiency of removal un-reacted reagents in heterogeneous reactions, such as ELISA and solid phase chemical synthesis and so on.

Besides, the intrinsic small volume requirements  of  the IMAPlateTM 5RC96  have  also  permitted applications  for  precious or limited sample sizes while also conserving  expensive  reagents.  For example, requirements for mouse serum sample size in IMAPlate-based ELISA have been reduced to no longer sacrifice animal, as it is the common cases for the conventional 96-well plate. Therefore, the  results  would be more reliable since the same mouse can be followed up on the way of animal studies. This also makes it possible to perform multianalyte measurements with ELISA from limited human serum or plasma in clinical trials. The easy-to-use, flexible liquid handling and compatibility with 96-well plate reader make it an ideal tool for miniature heterogeneous and homogeneous assays to boost your productivity in lab.